How to Become a Life Coach?

Being a life coach is a lucrative career in this day and age. So many people are needing help and support when it comes to the major and minor decisions of their lives. A life coach, similar to an athletic coach, is someone who will goad a person on as they progress. They might fail but the life coach is hoping to encourage the person to fail upwards. This requires a reset of one’s paradigm.

Becoming a life coach with no credentials might be challenging. After all, people tend to look up to people with expertise. If that professional does not have a title, then it will be hard to understand why to follow that person. That’s why if you are looking to become a life coach, you must look at what you bring to the table. Perhaps you are a great listener with a BA. A university degree is something a lot of people don’t have. You can leverage this to your advantage. Probably the minimum requirement educationally wise would be a diploma. A person with a diploma in a human services field has studied to obtain the skills necessary to help people.

You must also look at your own life experience. What have you done with your life that people would admire or what to emulate? If you are catering to young women, you might want to have had a career or a successful family life. If you don’t have either, then it will be difficult to market your skills. After all, you won’t necessarily want to tell the person that you have nothing to bring to the table but bad experiences. Yes, it is a feat to make it through drug addiction or some other major crisis.

However, not a lot of people admire an unemployed former drug addict with no family. The potential client might also not trust you and think that you are someone who will scam and lie. If you appear more like you’re hustling then helping, you will get a litany of angry clients. You might not have long-term success in this way.

Another thing that it takes to be a good life coach is an experience. This is why if you can find a way to do a course or a practicum, you will be better off. You need to show the list of your new clients that you’ve helped others before. That you understand what it takes to walk them through the journey.

If you don’t have experience and are having a hard time getting it, try offering more bang for the client’s buck. You can write exclusive e-mails that only they will get. Or you can offer a free trial phone call or meeting. However you want to work it, you must have confidence. The best way to emanate skill is to know that you have a great set of tools. If you feel like you have enough to help your clients with, then this is a great start. A coach with great ideas is better than someone who lacks creativity. Don’t ignore the powers of classic Easter dessert recipes too!